"It feels good to be unmedicated; to let my body do what it wants"

I'm intersex so menstruation has always been a complex issue. I was put on hormones at 9 because I was going through puberty and had my first period a year before but nothing after. I was routinely monitored in terms of my period and if it deviated, I was on hormones again. Norethisterone was prescribed to enforce a routine on my body even though it didn't work that way. After a while, I stopped trying to control it. Months went by without one, my parents took me to a gynaecologist because it was seen as dysfunctional. They discovered anatomy that varied from the norm but throughout the whole thing, I was treated as a woman, a female. My deadname was used, pronouns disrespected. I felt as fake as any pretence I had of being a normal, functional human being.

Being nonbinary and intersex and menstruating is a combination that doesn't always gel together well. Periods leave me feeling gunky, sludgy, uncomfortable with my body. Conversely, not having a period makes me feel broken, dysfunctional. It is currently June, my last period was September. This is the longest without and honestly? It feels great. It feels good to be unmedicated; to let my body do what it wants and obviously, it doesn't want to menstruate.

Neither do I

By Dorian, twitter: @DorianDuck97

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