"I was simply placed on birth control pills"

By Quinten Further

My mother made me see a gynocologist when I was 15/16 due to heavy / painful periods that kept me bed bound. I had attempted to come out as a trans man but was shoved back into the closet. So I was simply placed on birth control pills.

During the "sugar pill" weeks I discovered I could skip them entirely and go to the next set of pills. Bleeding gave me huge bouts of dysphoria and even bleeding a little put me in some degree of pain. I started skipping pills before asking my dr and admitted to her that I was doing that later on. This went on until last year when I started T. The same day I started T I stopped taking my birth control pills. T stopped any sort of bleeding within a day.

While still on my parents insurance, I visited my dr again to get checked for STI's (as I had new partners). I was still listed under my old information and was unsure how trans friendly my dr was. So I lied and said I was still on birth control at first so I could get my exam and be on my way.

Later, the dr walks in and informs me she knew I was on T and transitioning from my endrocrinologist. Guess I forgot my drs talk to one another. My gyno was surprisingly informed, to a fault, about trans issues and kept telling me information I already knew like "T may cause driness". So that ended up being the best gyno appointment i've ever had. Unfortunately though, she had to close her practice this year. So now I am unsure where to go for my care.

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