"I started bleeding for nine to eleven days every three weeks"

I think I have endometriosis. I live in France. I haven't been diagnosed yet because no doctor has taken me seriously until now, and getting diagnosed would mean I'd have to stop taking testosterone until my periods came back.

My periods have always been painful. I used to throw up in middle school -I got my first periods shortly after I turned 11- and when I held my stomach and cried in pain on the ground people didn't believe me.

In high school, it got worse. I started bleeding for nine to eleven days every three weeks, which made my dysphoria worse - I never had that much dysphoria surrounding my menstruations, but bleeding so heavily and painfully for such a long amount of time made it worse. I got huge migraines, nausea, I had to get out of classes because sitting was too painful. I had other symptoms I won't get into here because they're a bit icky.

I told my doctors and gynaecologists, but they never did anything more than prescribe painkillers. Apparently it was all "fine". I once passed out from the pain at my school after taking a big dose of painkillers that hadn't worked.

I've been on T for nearly a year now. I stopped menstruating for a couple months, and then I bled for three months straight. It was awful. They'll probably come back at some point. I still get cramps despite not bleeding anymore. I'm very happy I don't get them anymore though.

I know I'll have to go to the gynaecologist soon, I haven't been there for a while now. I'm just scared of being misgendered or of not receiving proper care. By Anonymous

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